The Minderoo Centre for Technology and Democracy is an independent research centre at the University of Cambridge.

We a proud member of the Tech Impact Network, currently composed of the following nodes:

  • The Minderoo Tech & Policy Lab (University of Western Australia)
  • The Minderoo Initiative on Technology and Power (University of California Los Angeles)
  • The Minderoo Initiative on Technology and Society (New York University)
  • The Minderoo-Oxford Challenge Fund on AI Governance (University of Oxford)

The network is funded by Minderoo Foundation, a major Australian philanthropy committed to challenging unfairness and building opportunity.

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Networked independence

The Tech Impact Network is an international network of academic programmes established to rebalance power and restore agency in a world dominated by digital platforms.

The Minderoo Centre for Technology and Democracy is independent and, while it’s initial funding is from Minderoo Foundation, decisions concerning the Centre rest exclusively at Cambridge. The Centre is not under any obligation to Minderoo Foundation or its affiliates in how research funding is used.

Cooperating with other nodes in the Tech Impact Network, we will develop work on an accelerated timeline over the next five years to confront lawlessness, empower workers, and reimagine digital technology.

The work will translate into rigorous reform agendas, robust public engagement, and challenges to the current asymmetry of corporate-funded narratives on technology futures.

The tech ecosystem owes much of its unmitigated power to unparalleled market control, stifled public discourse, shrinking public institutions, and atomised dissent.

To counter this, the network’s strategy is one of collective action and collaboration, designed to provide communities with tools and techniques for resisting corporate tech and imagining pro-public futures

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We would love to hear from you as we radically rethink the power relationships between technology, society and our planet.

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