A black and white headshot of Louise Hickman - the caption says she has joined a new project: 'AI in the Steet'

AI in the Street: Scoping everyday observatories for public engagement with connected and automated urban environments

Dr Louise Hickman is Associate Researcher on a new project lead by the University of Warwick: AI in the Street, which has received funding from AHRC BRAID.

This collaborative project will explore divergences between principles of responsible AI and the messy reality of AI as encountered in the street, in the form of automated vehicles and surveillance infrastructure. The aim is to ground understandings of AI in lived experiences.

Louise’s work on this project builds on previous work creating ‘Access Data Walks‘ in Cambridge, exploring data and accessibility in the built environment.

Louise Hickman is a Research Associate at the Minderoo Centre for Technology and Democracy.

Read more about the project on Warwick’s website.