Interrogating the power relationships between digital technologies, society and our planet

Do we fully understand how digital technologies are changing our society?

Through our work, we are developing innovative ways of enhancing public understanding of digital technologies and its societal effects.

We are critically examining both the idea that technology is the answer to society’s thorniest problems and the common, but often misleading narratives that have developed about AI, machine-learning, and other emerging technologies.

We are increasing journalistic capacity to critically interrogate tech platforms — including their business models, data protection and handling, political lobbying and exploitation of capabilities of the technology.

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Exposing and challenging opaque power

Can society’s big questions be answered by big tech?

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Situated within CRASSH (University of Cambridge Centre for Research in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences), we are bringing together the brightest minds in academic research to make much-needed change to our relationship with digital technologies.

Meet our team.

Meet the team