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Gina Neff joins Woman’s Hour to discuss AI and how it will impact women in the workplace.

Does Artificial Intelligence really pose a threat to our jobs? And how will it impact women in the workplace? Professor Gina Neff, Executive Director of the Minderoo Centre for Technology and Democracy at the University of Cambridge, joins Nuala McGovern on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour to discuss the risk for women and what needs to be done to level the playing field when it comes to AI in the workplace.

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Also on this episode:

How is the rapid progress in AI technology going to impact women? The Financial Times’ Artificial Intelligence Editor Madhumita Murgia joins Nuala McGovern to talk through the issues of gender bias, legal grey areas and possible dangers for women as AI becomes more and more central to our lives.

Have you ever heard an interview with a robot on the radio? Nuala speaks to the world’s first ultra-realistic artist robot, Ai-Da. Ai-Da will tell us about her latest art project, as well as what she feels about people’s fears around artificial intelligence. Her creator, Aidan Meller, will also join the conversation to tell why Ai-Da is so ground-breaking.

Where does the UK stand when it comes to AI progression? The government have recently released their ‘White Paper’, setting out investment aims for the technology industry. Verity Harding, visiting fellow at the Bennett Institute for Public Policy, to talks through what’s in the plan for the future.

Plus, hear how such investments can truly change the way we live, as Sarah Kerruish, Chief Operating Officer at Kheiron Med, speaks about MIA, the new artificial intelligence that helps radiologists identify 13% more breast cancers.

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