Data on a laptop
Credit: Markus Spiske for Pexels

What role do consumers and companies have to play in a more sustainable future? Julia Rone spoke to Information Week about her research.

“Do we need to keep all the photos of our cats and lunches on Instagram forever?” asks Julia Rone,  speaking to Information Week.

This was for an article that explored how Gen Z generation perspectives as the new data scientists and stakeholders will shape the future of sustainable computing.

Julia Rone spoke about her research on data centre construction in North Holland. This work explores why and how local councillors and citizen groups mobilized against data centres and demanded democratization of decision-making processes about digital infrastructure.

“There’s this conflict between the logic of profit, basically, in terms of the people or companies that build the data centers and more local ideas about having them [be] more renewable,” Rone explained.

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