The Shard
Credit: Constantine Kim for Pexles

In partnership with Warwick Business School, IFOW are pleased to be leading on the Future of Work stream of the AI Fringe Summit.

9:00 AM–4:00 PM

Wednesday 1 November

Floor 17, The Shard — London

While discussions at Bletchley focus on the future ephemeral ‘x-risk’ of ‘god-like’ AI, at this ‘Making the Future Work’ summit we will be grounding debate in the here-and-now of how work is being transformed and working lives impacted. We will be convening a rich and diverse set of voices and interdisciplinary research to sessions on regulation, creative industries, health and wellbeing and what policies a future of good work requires.

Gina Neff will moderate a panel called: Where the Future is Now, with:

-Professor Philip McCann, Chair of Urban and Regional Economics, Alliance Manchester Business School

-Professor Jolene Skordis, UCL Centre for Global Health Economics

-Sana Khareghani, former Head of the UK Government Office for AI and  Responsible AI UK

-Wilson Wong, Head of Futures at CIPD.