Ariel photograph
Credit: Nicholas Masterton

Join the Social Data School 2022, led by Cambridge Digital Humanities in association with the Minderoo Centre for Technology and Democracy.

15-28 June 2022


The Social Data School is an online summer school structured around the life-cycle of a digital research project.

It will cover:

-Principles of research design

-Data collection

-Cleaning and preparation

-Methods of analysis and visualisation

-Data management and preservation practices.

The data school welcomes applications from all backgrounds, including journalists, NGOs, activists, trade unionists and members of civil society organisations.

Programme Content: Visualising Data/Investigating Images

This year we will extract data from multiple video and photographic sources to create spatial visualisations for forensic analysis and learn how computer vision algorithms are used to classify images and generate ‘deepfakes’.

We will explore how images can become places of inquiry and instruments of communication, and develop a critical toolkit for interrogating the image-based cultures of the digital age.


The 2022 Social Data School teaching team includes:

-Dr Anne Alexander (Director of Learning, CDH)

-Dr Irving Huerta (Data School Convenor, CDH)

-Dr Leo Impett (Lecturer, CDH)

-Dr Hugo Leal (Research Associate, Minderoo Centre for Technology and Democracy)

-Meng Liu (Methods Fellow, CDH)

-Tobias Lunde (Methods Fellow, CDH)

-Nicholas Masterton (Researcher, Forensic Architecture)


Full details of costs are available on the sign-up link below.