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How can we ensure an AI-enabled future that is inclusive and beneficial to all?

Wednesday 6 December

09:00 – 17:00 GMT

In 2023, the rapidly advancing field of AI technology has sparked discussions and predictions about its impact on the workforce and the urgent need to address its ethical implications. With AI-enabled work becoming increasingly prevalent, questions have arisen about whether we are adequately prepared for this transformation. Concerns centre on potential job displacement caused by AI – particularly in regions with job markets closely tied to specific industries vulnerable to automation – whether people and businesses have the skills they need, and if businesses are positioned to adapt to an increasingly AI-powered economy, as well as the design and accuracy of AI tools and what the appropriate use of such technology looks like in different business contexts.

Some critics argue that the UK Government’s AI White Paper has overlooked the issue of AI in the workplace, creating a gap in regulation. This has prompted organisations like the TUC to launch an advisory taskforce to draft a potential AI in the Workplace Bill with the aim of mitigating the risks posed by this technology. In addition to sitting on this advisory taskforce, ensuring a strong business voice in the discussions, techUK has contributed to the debate by publishing a report titled “Making AI Work For Britain” in September, outlining nine actions for the government to support businesses and workers in harnessing the benefits of AI at work.

During this session, these experts will discuss the key questions and issues that have emerged in 2023 regarding AI’s impact on workers and employment. They will deliberate whether these are existing challenges amplified by the global AI conversation or entirely new and unprecedented issues. They will discuss actionable steps for businesses and government to ensure that our AI-enabled future is inclusive and beneficial to all, changing employment for the better.

Join us in this important conversation about shaping an ethical and responsible AI-driven future for Britain’s workforce.


-Andrew Pakes, Deputy General Secretary, Prospect

-Gina Neff, Executive Director, Minderoo Centre for Technology and Democracy, University of Cambridge

-Nick Hedderman, Senior Director, Modern Work Business Group, Microsoft

-Nimmi Patel, Head of Skills, Talent and Diversity, techUK (Moderator)