A plaza in Germany
Credit: isarisariver for Unplash

 A new chapter by Matthias Hoffmann and Julia Rone explores far-right online and offline mobilisation

This new chapter by Matthias Hoffmann and Julia Rone is published in Contemporary Germany and the Fourth Wave of Far-Right Politics From the Streets to Parliament, edited By Manès Weisskircher.

This chapter explores the hybrid dynamics of far-right online and offline mobilisation.

This volume provides a state-of-the-art analysis on the fourth wave of far-right politics in Germany by leading scholars in the field.

The book focuses not only on the role of the electoral breakthrough of AfD, the Federal Republic’s first-ever nationally established far-right party, but also on the many crucial instances of non-party activism, such as the ‘New Right’ intellectual circles, PEGIDA street protest, and political violence.

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