Credit: Scottish AI Alliance

Prof Gina Neff talks AI, the UK general election, and the future of political participation on the Scottish AI Alliance podcast

The Scottish AI Alliance (SAIA) podcast explores the latest developments in AI across various industries, sharing thought-provoking discussions with experts in the field. The podcast has covered topics like AI and equality, the ethical implications of generative AI, and the future of cybersecurity.

Our Executive Director Professor Gina Neff joined host Gordon Johnstone on a recent episode: AI and the Future of Democracy. Prof Neff spoke about the responsible use of generative AI (see also: our Open Letter to UK political parties), tactics for minimising political polarisation, and safeguarding our democracies in an era of “move fast and break things”.  She also touched on the creative and democratising potential of AI technologies, explaining the use of open access and civic tools to strengthen social movements and political participation.

Listen to the full episode: AI and the Future of Democracy with Gina Neff.