AI Ireland podcast advert, featuring Prof Gina Neff
Credit: AI Ireland

Recorded at the British Ambassador’s residence in Dublin, Prof. Gina Neff speaks to the AI Ireland Podcast about technology, society, and democracy.

In this episode of AI Ireland from the British Ambassador’s residence in Dublin, Prof. Gina Neff delves into several captivating subjects:

– Her journey and the development of her expertise at the nexus of technology, society, and democracy.

– Key takeaways from her latest book, “Human-Centered Data Science,” shedding light on its implications for individuals and society.

– As the Executive Director of the Minderoo Centre for Technology & Democracy, she outlines the centre’s primary objectives and ongoing endeavours.

– Her advisory role for international organisations such as UNESCO and the OECD, focusing on the significant challenges they confront in the digital era, particularly in relation to technology and democracy.

– Insights into how the digital information landscape is reshaping the nature of work and daily life for workers and workplaces.

This gathering at the British Ambassador’s residence in Dublin brought¬†together a gathering of AI experts from both Ireland and the UK to deliberate on the objectives of the UK’s AI Safety Summit scheduled for November.

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