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Credit: BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour

Professor Gina Neff joined Carsten Jung from the Institute for Public Policy Research to discuss how AI will change the world of work

On Wednesday 27 March, the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) published a new report, Transformed by AI: How generative artificial intelligence could affect work in the UK – and how to manage it, which warned that Generative AI could be economically disruptive, creating big winners and big losers across the economy.

But what does this mean for all of us as workers? Our Executive Director, Professor Gina Neff, joined the report’s author Carsten Jung on the BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour on Wednesday.

Gina said that kinds of tasks we’re doing are going to change, and stressed the importance of not allowing today’s digital gaps to increase. We need to support women, and others, to up-skill and re-skill to ensure that people have the confidence to operate in an AI augmented workplace.

Listen to the full interview here, which begins at the start of the programme (10.00 am Wed 27 March 2024)