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Against the background of the Princess of Wales edited photo controversy, Professor Gina Neff discusses deepfakes and AI-edited images

Professor Gina Neff, Executive Director of the Minderoo Centre for Technology and Democracy, joined BBC London’s Shay Kaur Grewal on 12 March to discuss deepfakes and AI generated imagery.

Professor Neff discussed the recent edited image that had been released of the Princess of Wales, but conversation also ranged to what threats AI generated content presents more generally and how we can tell an AI image when we see one.

As AI image generators get more and more sophisticated, are we moving to a place where it will be very hard to tell AI images from ‘genuine’ ones?

Listen back to the show here. The item begins at 2:42:34 (4.42pm) and Gina’s interview begins at 2:44:28 (4.46pm)