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Professor Gina Neff, Executive Director of the Minderoo Centre for Technology and Democracy, will co-chair a new TUC taskforce to develop draft legislation on worker’s rights and AI.

The Trades Union Congress (TUC) has launched an AI taskforce as it calls for “urgent” new legislation to safeguard workers’ rights and ensure AI “benefits all”

Our executive director, Gina Neff, will co-chair the new taskforce alongside Kate Bell, TUC Assistant General Secretary.

The taskforce will include employment lawyers, academics, politicians and technologists to fill legislative gap in AI regulation at work.

The Minderoo Centre for Technology and Democracy will also provide the secretariat for the taskforce.

The taskforce’s chief mission will be to fill the current gaps in UK employment law by drafting new legal protections to ensure AI is regulated fairly at work for the benefit of employees and employers.

The taskforce aims to publish an expert-drafted AI and Employment Bill early in 2024 and will lobby to have it incorporated into UK law.

The ‘AI and Employment Bill’ will be drafted by leading employment lawyers Robin Allen KC and Dee Masters from the AI Law Consultancy, with assistance from Cloisters barristers’ chambers.

Professor Gina Neff said:

“I am delighted to co-chair the Artificial Intelligence and Employment Bill Advisory Group.

“Responsible and trustworthy AI can power huge benefits. But laws must be fit for purpose and ensure that AI works for all.

“AI safety isn’t just a challenge for the future and it isn’t just a technical problem. These are issues that both employers and workers are facing now, and they need the help from researchers, policy makers and civil society to build the capacity to get this right for society.”

Read the full press release on the TUC’s website.