BRAID Fellowships

Clementine Collett, Research Fellow at Minderoo Centre for Technology & Democracy, to co-design responsible technology and policy for the impact of generative AI on the writing and publishing of the novel.

Beginning in May 2024 and running for between 12 to 18 months, the BRAID fellowship will support Collett in her research project on the impact of generative AI on novel writing and publishing.

Collett’s project centres on protecting and enhancing the human-centred aspects of creative writing, investigating potential labour impacts, harms, and benefits of GenAI including work displacement, losses and enhancements to imagination, and protections of those whose creative practice could be altered by GenAI through foundation models such as LLMs (e.g. GPT and Llama).

The research will consist of participatory and co-design methods, collaborating with novelists, publishers, writers societies, policymakers, and tech companies. The process will include focus groups, interviews, and case studies, then culminate in a one-day collaborative forum with approximately 30 stakeholders to co-design policy and design solutions and frameworks, exchange knowledge, and ensure long-lasting buy-in and a legacy network.

The result of these research efforts will be a 50-100 page report that will contain constituent parts including a framework for co-designing responsible AI policy; recommendations on industry practice; guidance for authors and publishers; and briefings for policymakers.

The report will fulfil three main objectives:

  1. Produce a framework for co-design of policy and technology which integrates perspectives of multiple stakeholders.
  2. Guide industry practice surrounding technological design and implementation through clarification of the labour issues in GenAI models and applications.
  3. Inform policy and law concerning the emerging technology of GenAI and its impact on the novel.

The report will be circulated to all stakeholders, both online and via print. It will be launched with a roundtable in Cambridge and an online webinar.

This fellowship is a collaboration between the Minderoo Centre for Technology and Democracy and the Institute for the Future of Work.