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Jaimie Freeman

Jamie Freeman is an affiliate at the Minderoo Centre for Technology and Democracy.

Jaimie is an interdisciplinary researcher studying the impact of technology on human behaviour and societal well-being.

Jaimie holds a PhD from the University of Oxford, where she worked alongside teenagers to explore the social and psychological implications of young people’s use of self-tracking tools. Her doctoral research was funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC).

Jaimie’s work centres on striving to improve user experiences while considering the social, psychological, and ethical dimensions of users’ interactions with technology. Her expertise spans areas such as online social behaviours, co-design methods, health technologies, smart toys, adolescents, and self-tracking.

Prior to her doctoral studies, Jaimie earned a BA in English Literature and a BSc in Psychology from the University of Sydney. She also holds an MPhil in Psychology and Education from the University of Cambridge.

Currently, Jaimie works as a User Experience Researcher at WhatsApp.

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Jaimie Freeman


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