Question power. Rebuild trust.

At our Centre, we strongly believe in the importance of building the capacity to hold the tech sector to account for decisions that affect us all. And the stakes are increasing. The frenzy to build bigger and more powerful AI systems means our work to build a just future has never been more urgent. The time to act is now.

We convened the Technology and Democracy Conference on 15-16 April 2024 at Magdalene College, Cambridge in response to these rapid changes in the tech sector. Over the two days, we brought people together across disciplines from academia, industry, and government to bridge conversations on AI and the future of work, trust in online spaces, and the environmental impact of digital technologies.

This pamphlet summarises the discussions we had at the conference. It does not attribute points to particular attendees, except the keynote speakers. Whether you could join us or not, we hope the provocations and discussions throughout this document will resonate, challenge, and encourage further thinking on our journey to make sure tech works for society, not against us.

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