Gina Neff on CBC News. She wears a red suit jacket and sits in front of a bookcase. The CBC captions run in a yellow and black band across the bottom of the screen.

On Wednesday, Gina Neff spoke to Canadian CBC news about the risks to jobs associated with AI, and how to mitigate them

Off the back of a new report from the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), Transformed by AI: How generative artificial intelligence could affect work in the UK – and how to manage it, questions are being ask about how we can avoid the worst scenarios outlined.

On Wednesday 27 March, our Executive Director, Professor Gina Neff, spoke to Canadian CBC news. Gina reiterated the need to make sure individuals are able to re-train and re-skill to feel ready for changes brought by AI in all industries, from office work to construction.

Companies are already using AI for tasks such as scanning job applications, and Gina also spoke about the need to train AI properly in these settings to avoid discrimination or other harms.

Listen to her full interview, here.