Gina Neff spoke to Sky TG24 about the risks of generative AI and how AI4Trust is tackling disinformation

“An artificial intelligence at the service of society must first of all be transparent, allowing people to clearly understand when and how this technology is used.”

In the interview, our Executive Director Professor Gina Neff touched on the benefits that AI can bring – from accelerating research to find new medical treatments, to studying solutions to reduce climate change, up to better management of a company’s personnel – but emphasised how it can also be a very dangerous tool. When AI systems are not transparent or properly regulated, they can:

– perpetuate human biases (e.g. when companies use AI to make decisions about hiring it can result in discrimination against female candidates);

– spread incorrect information at a massive scale (e.g. search engines using low-quality data sources to train their AI systems); and

– be used to create fake news at scale at the request of malicious actors (e.g. use of AI in elections to deceive voters)

Prof Neff also explained the work of AI4Trust, a project that is developing an AI platform to combat disinformation in the EU, and outlined how AI technologies can be used to improve trust in our online spaces and keep the human in the loop.

Watch the full interview on Sky TG24.

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