Gina Neff stands at a podium giving a talk. A caption on an IFG branded banner behind her reads: 'let's do good things with data'

On February 26, Gina Neff was one of four expert speakers at the Institute for Government’s latest ‘data bites’ event.

The event was hosted by the IFG’s Gavin Freeguard. It brought together expert voices to the topic of good use of data in government, and allowed each of them 8 minutes to present on the topic.

Gina spoke about the challenges of getting good data into the right hands, including across different industries and for academics studying the digital world.

The full list of speakers was:

– Professor Gina Neff, Executive Director of the Minderoo Centre for Technology and Democracy
– Joe Cuddeford, Director at Smart Data Research UK
– Frank Gauld, Chief Executive Officer at Smart Data Foundry
– Ben Goldacre, Director at the Bennett Institute for Applied Data Science

Watch the event back via the IFG website, here.