HCAI Book Launch

Prof Gina Neff discusses inclusive AI and the future of Human-Centred AI at the Jesus College, Cambridge Intellectual Forum

To mark the publication of “Human-Centered AI: A Multidisciplinary Perspective for Policy-Makers, Auditors, and Users“, a 29-chapter book on Human-Centred AI (HCAI)’s impact on our societies, our Executive Director Professor Gina Neff joined a global panel of fellow experts – Cassandra Bowkett, Research Fellow at the Institute for the Future of Work; Tapabrata (Rohan) Chakraborty, Postdoctoral Researcher at the Big Data Institute; Vicky Charisi, Research Affiliate at the UCL, Institute of Education; Amir Banifatemi, Co-founder of AI Commons; Benjamin Prud’homme is Vice-President, Policy, Society and Global Affairs at Mila – Quebec AI Institute; Catherine Régis, Canada-CIFAR Chair in AI & Human Rights; Maria Axente, Responsible AI and AI for Good Lead at PwC; Atsuo Kishimoto, Research Center on Ethical, Legal and Social Issues, Osaka University; and Jennifer Garard, Deputy Director of Sustainability in the Digital Age – at the Intellectual Forum at Jesus College, Cambridge, an interdisciplinary centre that brings people together to discuss the important topics of our time.

The book is wide-spanning in its research, covering how HCAI could impact the justice system, healthcare, higher education, the arts, and more. It bridges the gap between academic research and industry by offering practical ways to transform HCAI from theory to reality.

In conversation with the panel, Professor Neff explained her chapter of the book, titled ‘Three Implementation Gaps to Harnessing Inclusive AI in Organizations’ and written with Clementine Collett and Maria Axente, which identifies key gaps in organisational engagement with AI systems and how organisations can use inclusive AI tools. She spoke about three major areas that can mitigate potential harms of AI systems and ensure people can participate in these systems: capacity-building, upskilling, and lifelong learning; real accountability so the public can trust companies; and bringing a lot more play and creativity into the design process.

Watch the recording now via the Jesus College, Cambridge YouTube Channel.

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