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In conversation with Julia Rone, James Muldoon charts a roadmap for an alternative vision for our digital future.

Event start: 05:00


In his latest book, Platform Socialism, James Muldoon sets out an alternative vision and concrete proposals for a digital economy that expands our freedom.

The book reframes the technology debate and proposes a host of new ideas from the local to the international for how we can reclaim the emancipatory possibilities of digital platforms.

Drawing on sources from forgotten histories to contemporary prototypes, he proposes an alternative system and charts a roadmap for how we can get there.


About the speaker

James Muldoon is a senior lecturer in political science at the University of Exeter and Head of Digital Research at the Autonomy think tank. His latest work is on the politics of digital technology and how we can recover forgotten ideas from the past to help us rethink our digital future.