Gina Neff at VivaTech
Credit: Kristy Sparow/Vivatech

Watch Gina Neff and a panel of experts at VivaTech discuss the impact of generative AI on the workplace.

Experts predict that generative AI will have the capacity to put together scientific papers and visual mock-ups, to write, design and code better than human beings.

How will this unfold? How can we keep track of what’s “real” and what is computer-generated? What kind of upskilling and reskilling will need to take place?

And what will (your) job(s) look like once it’s been rolled out?

Watch this panel discussion from VivaTech 2023.


Gina Neff, Executive Director, Minderoo Centre for Technology and Democracy

Charlie Beckett, Professor, LSE

Francois-Xavier Pierrel, Group Chief Data Officer, JCDecaux