Prof Gina Neff talks deepfakes and generative AI on the University of Cambridge video series on the UK General Election

What is at stake for the UK General Election? In a new video series, students and academics from the University of Cambridge are sharing their insights on some of the biggest themes facing the UK at this crucial moment, from AI to racial inequity, levelling up to misinformation, and first-time voting to tax changes.

Our Executive Director Professor Gina Neff spoke to the University about the implications of generative AI content for the UK General Election and elections around the world. She emphasised that social media companies, civil society, and political leaders all have a responsibility to protect our democracies – making sure they thrive and work for people, especially as deceptive uses of generative AI escalate.

The video series has also spotlighted insights on economic growth, AI regulation, and disinformation and polarising content from Professor Diane Coyle, Bennett Professor of Public Policy and Co-Director of the Bennett Institute for Public Policy, Professor Neil Lawrence, University of Cambridge DeepMind Professor of Machine Learning and Chair of ai@cam, and Professor Sander van der Linden, Professor of Social Psychology in Society.

Watch the full clip at the University of Cambridge.

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