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Joining together to build a just digital future has never been more urgent.

The Minderoo Centre for Technology & Democracy was founded to shift the balance of power around digital technologies. Our founding initiatives on work, trust, and the environment anchor our research, policy engagement and commitment to expanding the public’s capacity to hold the tech sector to account for the decisions that affect us all.

This annual report covers the period April 2023 to March 2024. It celebrates our work on policy engagement, collaborative work with partners, and our impressive research agenda. It also spotlights the work of our researchers, highlights our reports and publications from this year, and reflects on our events and media engagement.

This has been the busiest year yet for our centre. We have an expanded team, new projects and partners, and are reaching bigger audiences. We are proud to present this report as an illustration of the team’s successes this year, and we are determined to continue our vital work to ensure technology works for society, not against it.

In the year ahead, we will continue to strengthen the links between our research and our policy engagement, working to connect, convene, and contribute to the conversations about our digital futures. We will continue to bring our expertise and support education and capacity building to make digital technologies work for societies.

Click below to read our Annual Report for 2023-2024.