The report title on a crimson background reads: 'report on best practices in subs telecommunications cable sustainability'

Dr Hunter Vaughan has co-authored a new report from The SubOptic Foundation examining efforts to ensure the sustainability of subsea telecommunications

Terms like “the cloud” sometimes obscure the vast physical infrastructures that connect our digital world – infrastructures such as the 1.4 million km of undersea cables that provide digital connections across continents.

Hunter Vaughan, Senior Researcher at our Centre, is a co-author of a new in-depth report on the sustainability of Subsea Telecommunications.

Published by The SubOptic Association earlier this week, the report sets out key existing and potential practices for sustainability in this sector.

It is the culmination of two years of research conducted between 2021 and 2023 on the subsea cable industry’s best practices in sustainability, with input from many industry partners.

Find out more, and read the report, here.