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Join this panel discussion to explore how we can ensure a sustainable digital future for UK film and television.

Thursday 9 November

17:00 GMT/12:00 ET/09:00 PT


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Film and television production leads to a significant environmental footprint due to carbon-intensive infrastructures, energy dependencies, and waste production. While the past two decades have seen a rise in stakeholder discourse around sustainability and in critical attention to the industry’s environmental impacts, there is still a way to go to reach the level of impact sought. 

To help identify a path forward, this event will examine the industry’s current sustainability strategies, and explore how ambitious environmental and social policy can be developed.

This event follows the release of a new report, exploring both digitalisation and sustainability – and where these two intersect – across the UK film and television industry.

We will be joined by the report’s authors: Hunter Vaughan, Senior Research Associate at the Minderoo Centre for Technology and Democracy at the University of Cambridge, and Pietari Kääpä, professor of Media Communications at the University of Warwick and other experts. 

This report comes out of extensive ongoing collaboration with industry stakeholders and policy makers. It lays out pathways to explore environmental and social sustainability, and to promote best practice in the digital age.

Join our expert discussion, with:


Hunter Vaughan, report author, Minderoo Centre for Technology and Democracy

-Pietari Kääpä, report author, University of Warwick

Gina Neff, Executive Director, Minderoo Centre for Technology and Democracy (event host)

-Michelle Jenkins, Head of Production Services, Film London

-Gavin Kelly: Facilities and Sustainability Manager, Northern Ireland Screen

-Larra Anderson: Filmmaker and Professor and Pro-Vice Chancellor at the University of Essex