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Senior Research Associate, Hunter Vaughan, has co-edited a new book exploring the relationship between film and TV production, and the climate crisis.

Bringing together a range of voices from across the global environmental media community, a new book Film and Television Production in the Age of Climate Crisis: Towards a Greener Screen builds a comparative international set of perspectives and the methodological flexibility necessary.

It provides a necessary intervention in environmental media studies that actively foregrounds media infrastructure.

Due to its immense sociocultural influence and economic resources, the global screen media industry is at the forefront of raising awareness for the political and social issues resulting from accelerated environmental instability.
However, the 21st century relationship between screen media and the environment has another face that demands urgent scrutiny.
The advent of the digital age and the vast electrical and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) infrastructures required to support digital production, distribution, and archiving has resulted in the rapid expansion and diversification of the industry’s resource use, infrastructure construction, energy dependency, and consequent waste and emissions production.
Addressing these structures is essential to alleviating their environmental and social impact and ensuring that the industry’s rhetoric on environmental responsibility is reflected in its practice.

As a mitigating counterbalance to the above trends, there has been a heightenedpush for sustainability measures along various lines of industry management, policy, and practice.

These initiatives—including the cultural values they reflect, the political economies that form their logic, the managerial and marketing tactics that orchestrate them, and the environmental realities of their implementation—form the central object of inquiry for this collection.

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Hunter Vaughan


Part of the book series: Palgrave Studies in Media and Environmental Communication (PSMEC)