A black and and white photo of Hunter Vaughan, he has short hair with a slightly curly fringe. He is standing in front of a blossoming free, and wears a floral pattern shirt. Caption reads: Latest. Hunter Vaughan, Digital Infrastructures Dublin Blog.

Read Hunter Vaughan’s blog for University College Dublin’s Centre for Digital Policy

Dr Hunter Vaughan, Senior Researcher at the Minderoo Centre for Technology and Democracy, has been completing a term as a visiting fellow at University College Dublin’s Centre for Digital Policy.

During his stay, Hunter built on interdisciplinary research into the growth of digital infrastructures and corporate presence in Ireland, the relationship between this growth and urgent issues around climate destabilisation and energy crisis, and local values regarding cultural and ecological heritage.

Hunter also hosted a workshop: “Weaving Networks From Valentia Slate to Silicon Docks: The Cultural Heritage and Environmental Stakes of Ireland’s Subsea Communication Infrastructures”.

Read Hunter’s Blog on the UCD website, here.